At Evolistic Health, we take a holistic approach to our coaching, focusing on exercise and nutrition, but also other fundamental, and often ignored, aspects of health such as stress management, sleep hygiene, and lifestyle habits. Our main aims are not only to get you results, but to provide you with the essential tools to sustain these goals on your own, long-term. We do this by using a scientific, and evidence-based approach, which has helped many of our clients achieve their health, physique and performance-related goals. Check out our testimonial page to see what our clients have to say about our coaching!


“to develop gradually”


“consideration for something as a whole”

(physical activity, nutritional health & mental well-being)

Jordan Fenton Co Founder

During my undergraduate degree (Sport and Exercise Science), I lived and breathed as an athlete, competing in rugby 7s up to a national level. Upon starting my MSc (Sport and Exercise Nutrition), a series of injuries meant I was unable to continue playing rugby. I wanted to stay within the realms of competitive sport, and was lucky enough to work as a nutritionist for Team GB Wheelchair Rugby. My passion for education lead to me being offered a PhD at Loughborough University, researching energy balance, appetite and nutrition in spinal cord injury populations. For me, Evolistic Health is about using my knowledge to provide reliable, evidence-based information in health, exercise, and nutrition, to empower people to sustain their own healthy and happy lifestyle.

MSc - Sport and Exercise Nutrition (Distinction) BSc - Sport and Exercise Science (First Class Honours) Active IQ - Level 3 ISAK Anthropometry - Level 1

Josh PercivalCo Founder

I first encountered the true power of health and fitness when I was 16, after overcoming childhood obesity. I then took the steps to make my passion a career by undergoing a BSc in Exercise Sciences, followed by an MSc in Exercise Physiology at Loughborough University. I have attended countless courses and seminars, provided online programming to over 40 clients, and compiled more than 2500 in-person coaching hours through internships, personal training and nutrition coaching. Evolistic Health, for me, is a culmination of all of these hours I have put in. My one goal, through an evidence-based, yet pragmatic approach, is to help as many people as I possibly can achieve and, most importantly, sustain a healthy lifestyle.

MSc - Exercise Physiology (Distinction) BSc - Sport and Exercise Sciences (First Class Honours) Precision Nutrition - Level 1Eleiko & Ireland Weightlifting - Level 1