As our no.1 goal is to help you create and sustain a healthier lifestyle, this page hopes to provide you with additional educational resources to help you along the way. We, of course, will try to provide you with all of the information ourselves, but there is some extra stuff that could be really helpful for you below. We also know that there is so much useless and misleading information out there, so don't just use a generic internet search, use our links instead!

"give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

Chinese Proverb

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sigma nutrition radio

Nutrition | Health Host: Danny Lennon Recommended Episodes: 28, 43, 48, 57, 146, 148


Nutrition | Training | Performance Host: Laurent Bannock Recommended Episodes: 7, 37, 84, 105

synapse performamce

Nutrition | Training | Performance Host: David Nolan Recommended Episodes: 5, 10, 49 (2), 55

revive stronger podcast

Bodybuilding | Powerlifting | Nutrition ​ Host: Steve Hall Recommended Episodes: 12, 54, 57, 61

The ripped body podcast

Nutrition | Health Host: Andy Morgan Recommended Episodes: 6, 10, 10, 27 (1), 29.

iraki nutriton podcast

Nutrition | Health Host: Juma Iraki Recommended Episodes: 10, 28, 38, 50, 61, 66

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Danny lennon Nutrition | Health

Danny is the owner of Sigma Nutrition and gets to interview some of the best minds in the industry on some of the latest research topics in health, nutrition and lifestyle.

martin McDonald Nutrition | Health

In addition to running the best online nutrition course in the world (MNU), Martin provides endless free and amusing evidence based content on his Instagram.

dr ERIC HELMS Nutrition | Training | Health

Eric is a renowned coach and public speaker and has a PhD in strength and conditioning to back it up. We recommend checking out his books on training and nutrition (The Muscle and Strength Pyramid).

dr MIKE ISRATEL Nutrition | Training | Health

Mike is one of the leading experts in the health and fitness industry. He shares some great content on his Instagram page on strength training.

dr Spencer NADOLSKY Nutrition | Training | Health

Spencer is a certified physician who specialises in helping people with obesity. You can 100% trust the information he gives out for free.

dr mEGAN rossi Nutrition | Health

Also known as the "Gut Health Specialist", Megan is our first stop when we are looking to keep up to date with any gut and microbiome research. She gives out fantastic info on instagram.

Alan FLANNAGAN Nutrition | Public Health

Alan is undergoing an MSc in Nutritional Medicine and will shortly begin his chrono-nutrition focused PhD. His Instagram is worth a follow if you are interested in nutritional science and public health.

dr layne norton Nutrition | Training | Health

Layne owns BioLayne, which puts out free content on Instagram, YouTube and their website. Layne has published numerous research and been a successful bodybuilder and powerlifter.

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Juggernaut Strength Training | Nutrition

Chad Wesley Smith, Dr Mike Israetel and Dr. Quinn Henoch, just to name a few, cover a huge range of topics related to nutrition, training and recovery, in a digestible manner.

Jeff Nippard Nutrition | Bodybuilding

Jeff is a professional natural bodybuilder and powerlifter. His Youtube channel focuses on the scientific principles behind training and nutrition in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

Biolayne Nutrition | Training

Layne's channel is focused on putting out informative and evidence-based nutrition and training advice. Layne has little tolerance for any myths in the industry and has many videos busting such myths.